Foodisitni Schokoladen Kirsch Kuchen
Recipe Sweet

Chocolate Cherry Cake

I prefer cake recipes that do not require a lot of fuss. Something, that I can whip up in one bowl in 5 to 10 minutes in my kitchen, that I fill in my pan and pull out of the oven in under an hour. If that recipe does not use fancy ingredients but instead […]

Foodistini Leichtes Körnerbrot Brot
Savoury Recipe

A quick and easy bread with seeds

If I would have to name one food that evokes in me the feeling of security and family, I would nominate freshly baked bread. Since I can remember my mother baked the greatest breads for us. The entire family would gather at the table for a cold dinner, something we call “Vesper” in Germany. There […]

Take Out Style Nudeln Udon Hähnchen Asiatisch Rezept
Savoury Recipe

Take Out Style Udon Noodles with Chicken

I love asian style Take Out Noodle boxes, preferably with thick Udon noodles. Add to that a creamy peanut sauce or chicken. Or crunchy vegetables and Szechuan sauce from the China Bistro around the corner. It tastes amazing and is an easy dinner as you just have to pick it up on your way home. […]

Test Bosch OptiMUM Rezension Bewertung Küchenmaschine
Kitchen Love

Kitchenlove: The stand mixer Bosch OpiMUM

This is an article containing my opinion about a kitchen stand mixer I tested. As I don’t think any of my English readers will find the details of a stand mixer that is not available to buy in the U.S., interesting – I am leaving out an English translation. But if you so happen to be interested: […]