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How lovely that you found my first blog entry!

My name is Anne-Marie and as Foodistini – so, a tiny Person in a tiny kitchen („tini“), who loves food („foodist“) – I will from now on share my adventures in and outside the kitchen with you here on this blog.

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In my Kitchen…

As my chosen blog name Foodistini shows: yummy food is my passion! The preparation of a tasty meal has something meditative for me. I can slow down, be creative and in the end enjoy the (hopefully) good result. And that is why I don’t mind, if the preparation is sometimes lengthy and elaborate, as long as the endresults still convince me. But as a busy law student my everyday day cooking is mostly comprised of quick and uncomplicated recipes. For both extremes and everything in the middle a ton of ideas for recipes, variations and taste-combinations are floating around in my head, that from now on you and I can read up on on this blog.

… and Outside

Even if it might now almost seem like it: I do not only eat home cooked meals! There are way too many fantastic culinary experiences waiting to be discovered in Frankfurt. So many different, tasty meals from various cultures in this amazing multicultural city are waiting to be tried out. And especially the one meal that always gets my heart racing with excitement: Burgers! For 5 years now, I have been trying to find the perfect burger here in Frankfurt. On my quest I have visited quite a few burger places and – as my legal background demands order in this research – I have set up my personal Burger Love Ranking of all the places I tried. [Update, April 2020: In the past years I have tried to mindfully reduce my consumption of meat. I will still eat burgers, but at the same time I am choosing to not publish my reviews here anymore. Most of them would probably be outdated anyways. Thus I will continue my rating offline only.]

All the other Stuff I do?

When I am not eating Burgers or getting down to business in my kitchen, I am prepping for my final exam of my law degree. I am also an avid Yoga lover and try to read as much as possible while taking the subway. Or I am finding new hobbies, for example dance classes or – newest on the list – this Blog.

I’m now so excited to share my thoughts and ideas here with all of you! If you don’t want to miss any of them, then please follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or a combination thereof.