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Vegetables for soup stock (mirepoix)

Today, I don’t want to share a “recipe” with you, but instead a tip that makes my life in the kitchen just that much easier. A tip regarding the vegetables used in soup stocks.

Because I have noticed, that I like my homemade soups a lot more, if I prepare them with vegetables instead of just broth (for example this Corn-Potato-Soup). But there are two things I dislike about using fresh vegetables. Frist, cutting the veggies while making the soup. And second, the amount of veggies needed. I just don’t want to have to deal with an entire celery root for the next weeks just because I felt like making soup once.

For the second problem the supermarkets in Germany have found an answer: pre-packaged soup vegetables. But… they are more expensive than buying the vegetables on their own. Plus: unnecessary plastic…

My solution is my tip for you: just prep a huge amount of the necessary vegetables once, freeze them and use the frozen vegetables when cooking. Because most soups are pureed anyways, it doesn’t matter that the vegetables could be a bit mushy when thawed.

Recipe – Vegetables for soup stock (Mirepoix)

Time: 15 minutes

200 g carrot
200 g root celery
100 g leek
50 g parsley

Wash the vegetables, cut them in small cubes, toss everything together and freeze.

I like to also add the leaves of celery, so that I don’t have to throw those away.

Of course you may choose the amount of vegetables to your liking. I just wanted to demonstrate the ratio in which I mix my vegetables.