Foodistini Rezept Tequila Sunrise Kuchen
Recipe Sweet

Tequila Sunrise Cake

This moist orange cake a la tequila sunrise was one of the first birthday cakes I made for new friends in Frankfurt after my move here to study in this beautiful city (for a dorm kitchen party at H). And since then it has been a regular guest at gatherings with friends. If you thought […]

Foodistini Rezept mit Hafer Pfirsich Tarte
Recipe Sweet

Peach Tarte with Oat Crumbs

The used oat products were provided for free from Alleskörner. And now my series about oat comes to an end after a tasty breakfast and lunch with a peach tarte for dessert. I used oat once more for the crumbs, oat bran and oat flakes to be specific. These give the crumbs a very crispy […]

Foodistini Rezept für Rum-Apfel-Eierkuchen
Recipe Sweet


Sometimes one just needs a slice of cake. No sunday-afternoon-fancy-cake with lots of cream, that can only be enjoyed with a fork. No crumbly piece of marble cake, that seems to fall apart if you just look at it. No. During the week it should be a moist piece of cake that can be eaten […]

Foodistini Rezept Mousse au Chocolat
Recipe Sweet

Mousse au Chocolate

Today I got a fine and petite recipe for you – original Mousse au Chocolate. If you think this is a sin to eat, well no, not really. Each portion has about 120 kcal and consists only of dark chocolate and egg. Personally I do not need any added sugar in there (clean eating and […]

Foodistini Rezept Karottenkuchen
Recipe Sweet

Carrot Cake with a cream cheese frosting

What comes to your mind when you think about easter during your childhood? For me it is always the search for easter eggs in the garden of my grandparents. How we would search the place with small woven baskets in our hands or how when the weather wasn’t good the easter bunny was actually allowed […]