Foodistini Rezept Flammkuchen
Savoury Recipe

simplyfing a tarte flambe without sacrificing taste

A few weeks ago after a very informative law-workshop on the topic of “mergers & acquisitions” we were afterwards invited to a cooking class. Besides very friendly conversations with the others the motivated cooks showed us how to prepare a tasty 7-herbs-soup or create a very quick tarte flame (which I from now on will […]

Foodistini Rezept Tequila Orangen Hühnchen
Savoury Recipe

Tequila Orange Chicken on rice noodles

Oh once more a dish with orange and tequila? Oh yes, but this wonderful flavor combination now turns up in a hearty variation. I really do like a fiery seared chicken breast. Especially if it has been left in this slightly sweet marinade so that the outside will caramelize when cooked. But if you like […]

Foodistini Rezept Tequila Sunrise Kuchen
Recipe Sweet

Tequila Sunrise Cake

This moist orange cake a la tequila sunrise was one of the first birthday cakes I made for new friends in Frankfurt after my move here to study in this beautiful city (for a dorm kitchen party at H). And since then it has been a regular guest at gatherings with friends. If you thought […]