It is important to me, that you guys know how I deal with the topic of transparency on this website. Because with all the tests for certain products or places, one could quickly get the impression, that I am selling out my opinion. But this will never ever be the case! The opinion in all of my articles is to 100% my own and I will always use my own words to express it. I am happy about the opportunity to present you new things and brands. But only if it has added value for you, my valued readers.

In order to keep you up to date regarding the modalities, I will always link to this site, if an article falls into one of the three following categories. If I do make any money, it will be solely used to keep this blog running, visit new restaurants or buy ingredients for my recipes.


Product Reviews

If I receive a product for free or subsidized to test it, I will tell you so in the beginning of the article. Through the supply of a product my opinion will not be influenced in now way or the other. I give each product a fair chance and I will describe my honest opinion in my own words in the articles after through testing. Links to the manufacturer of the product will always be set to “nofollow”.


Restaurant Reviews

When I am visiting a restaurant, I will not tell them in the beginning or afterwards that I have a blog, or that I am planning on writing about my visit. Only then I will get an honest view of the service and quality of the food in my opinion. Should I be invited to eat at a restaurant, I will tell you so in the beginning of an article. This invitation will not taint my opinion, but instead it will still reflect my own thoughts.


Affiliate Link/Advertising Link

If I mark a links as an affiliate link or advertisement link, this does not mean that you will pay more if you order something via this link (for example at amazon). But instead I will receive a small provision on your shopping cart content (1-5%, maximum of 10 €). To make it obvious to you which of my links are affiliate links, I will tell you about the use in the article and I will mark the links with a star* accordingly in the article. The proviso will only be used, like all other money I might make with this blog, to keep this blog running, visit new restaurants or buy ingredients for my recipes.



If you got questions or suggestions regarding the topic of transparency or are interested in a cooperation, please let me know: