Foodistini Rezept mit Hafer Hähnchen Banh Mih
Savoury Recipe

Chicken Bánh Mì

The used oat products were provided for free from Alleskörner. Bánh Mì, if you translate it literally “bread”, is a very tasty sandwich from Vietnam. As a fusion from french baguette and regional cooking developed during the colonial era , the original is normally filled with pork, pate and lots of vegetables. But there is […]

Foodistini Rezept Käsefüße
Savoury Recipe

Cheesy Cookies

Normally most of us only unpack their cookie cutter collection around Christmas. But what happens to all the cute easter bunnies and mice dreaming in the cookie cutter tin? These get woken up by me around easter! But not for sweet cookies, but instead salty, cheesy cookies! A dough made out of 4 ingredients and […]