Foodistini Review Burger Liebe Die Kuh die Lacht Frankfurt
Burger Love self-test

Burgerlove: Summer Burger – at “Die Kuh die lacht”, Frankfurt

On the 12th of July 2017 I got to eat another burger, this time at Die Kuh die lacht (which translates to: “The cow that laughs”) at Willy-Brandt-Platz in Frankfurt. Die Kuh die lacht has been one of the pioneers in the burger business in Frankfurt and this was not my first visit. Which might also be due to the fact that in my first year in Frankfurt I lived only 5 minutes away from one of their restaurants.


The Restaurant

Your read correctly, it is a chain restaurant. If you want to talk about a chain if you have 2 locations in Frankfurt and one in Heidelberg. The restaurants are all decorated nicely and have lots of places at their big wooden tables. There’s also a lot to choose from on the menu. Besides many recommended creations (which change every 2 months or so), you can set up your very own individual burger. You have a wide variety of toppings and sauces to choose from, which then all cost extra of course. But the choice of patty between beef, chicken, salmon, vegetarian and 3 (!) vegan options is free. Here, everybody should find a combination to their liking and be able to create their very own favorite burger.

Foodistini Review Burger Liebe Die Kuh die Lacht Frankfurt
The Summer Burger

The Burger: Summer Burger

The menu promises me: beef, papaya, mango, cucumber, tomato, cilantro, arugula and sweet chili sauce.


The Bun:

The bun has a great consistency, though it can’t completely deal with the amount of meat juices and sauce. The taste is nice and the crust wonderfully crunchy. Bun – 4/5


The Meat:

The first thing I notice about the patty is, that it is ground very coarsely. Add to that a very loose pressing of the patty and it almost falls apart during eating. But through the loose consistency of the patty (no comparison to compressed patties from the super market), the burger appears authentically homemade. I ordered my Summer Burger medium and that is what I got, though the outside was thus missing the typical dark, crunchy areas with their characteristic smokey flavor. The meat tastes like a combination with a high fat percentage was used and is seasoned perfectly with salt and pepper. An authentic, aromatic patty, whose taste I like a lot, though I missed my crispy outside a bit. Meat – 4/5


The Surroundings:

The Summer Burger is with its combination of sweet fruits (mango and papaya) and chili sauce not my typical burger order. The fruits were very ripe and sweet, but were a surprisingly good combination to the patty. They only could have left out the pretty thick cut salad cucumber, which slowly warmed up in my burger, in my opinion. Surroundings – 4/5


The Overall Standing

As the meat is always the most important part of a burger, my rating is calculated out of (Bun + (Meat x 2) + Surroundings) / 4 and this way the summer burger scores – 4 out of 5 points.


Foodistini Review Burger Liebe Die Kuh die Lacht Frankfurt
The Anden Burger & fries with Basil Mayo

The side salad with lots of pine nuts and a balsamico dressing was good and the fries here very thick cut. On the inside fluffy, the outside was in my opinion not cross enough. The cold sweet potato chips could also not excite me. The served sauces were on the one side very tasty (basil mayo) and on the other side (mango ginger) not to our liking at all. The sides could use a bit more loving work at Die Kuh die lacht. But if you want a burger with a salad, you are in the right place here.


The Overall Impression

I was not really impressed from my earlier visits to Die Kuh die lacht (somehow the overall concept was not yet really developed and the taste of the burger not really to my liking), but this burger I had in July 2017 got me excited. Patty and bun were almost perfect and the other burger toppings also always fresh and tasty. Though friends and I had a few negative experiences when we visited during lunch time, as the quality of the food suffers when there are lots of orders, I can recommend Die Kuh die lacht for a dinner wholeheartedly.


Atmosphere: 3 out of 5 points

Burger: 4 out of 5 points

Total: 3,6 out of 5 points

(Atmosphere + food x 2) / 3


Die Kuh die lacht
Schillerstraße 28, 60313 Frankfurt am Main
oder Friedensstraße 2, 60311 Frankfurt am Main
(Monday – Saturday 11:00 – 23:00; Sunday 12:00 – 22:00)


[I tested the restaurant without their knowledge and the articel describes my very own impression.]

Have you tried a burger at Die Kuh die lacht? How did you like it?

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