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Burger Love self-test

Burgerlove: Selim’s ABC – at “What’s Beef” Frankfurt

On the 27th of June 2017 I visited What’s Beef in Frankfurt for the third time. Though the place is a bit hidden in a courtyard next to the construction site of the new Winx skyscraper, I decided to give the restaurant another chance.


The Restaurant

You order at a counter before you sit down on one of the long tables inside or outside. The concept is supposed to “relate to you a feeling of urban culture. From the design of the “to go” bags to the art on the walls to the cool look of the “What’s Beef” crew an atmosphere somewhere between Brooklyn, Upper East Side and the Meatpacking District is provoked.” (Philosophy, website opened and translated 02.07.2017). But personally I just find it to be too much of everything. Instead of nice details everything that resembled remotely some hipster vibe was hung on walls and ceiling. Through that the place seems to lack something in its overall design, but maybe you like it: for an impression in pictures I would love to refer you to

On the menu you can find 6 standard burgers (2 with beef, 1 with wagyu, 1 vegan, 2 vegetarian – 7 to 17€), which you can customize with lots of extras. For uninspired visitors there are also readymade recommendations. Add to that 2 steak burgers (entrecôte 25€, wagyu rib eye 65€), fries in all colors, onion rings and lots of desert. And if you want to show up for breakfast you can order pancakes and breakfast burgers on the weekend starting at 10 o’clock.

Foodistini Restaurant Bewertung What's Beef Frankfurt
Selim’s ABC

The Burger: Selim’s ABC

The menu promises me: Patty, Avocado, Forget Bacon & Cheddar Cheese – for 9€.


The Bun:

The website told me I would be served a burger in a freshly baked bun from the in-house bakery – but sadly I received a bun that seems a few days old. Though the taste itself (somewhere along the lines of whole grain toast) was good, it was then just too dry. Sauces and juices from the patty couldn’t change that fact either. Bun – 2/5


The Meat:

If you read one or all of my other burger reviews you know, that I find good meat that has been seasoned with only a bit of salt and pepper the most important and tasties thing about a burger. But here at What’s Beef I could only taste salt and a strong charcoally grill flavor. A patty, that is served cooked through and where I can detect no hint of its own meat aroma – that is just sad. This was now my second attempt in the last 6 months and again the salt content was way to high. Though the quality of the meat seems alright and I am happy to hear they are using meat from regional farms – is it really worth it if I cannot detect any taste of the meat itself? Meat – 1/5


The Surroundings:

The rest on my burger such as salat, tomato, cucumber, red onion and avocado was fresh and good. A specialty of What’s Beef, the “Forget Bacon” – a crispy beef salami instead of pork is tasty and can actually (almost) replace my beloved bacon. The cheddar on the patty melted nicely, but was not of the best quality, so that it tasted a bit rubbery. Surroundings – 4/5


The Overall Standing

As the meat is always the most important part of a burger, my rating is calculated out of (Bun + (Meat x 2) + Surroundings) / 4 and this way Selim’s ABC scores  – 2 out of 5 Points.

Foodistini Restaurant Bewertung What's Beef Frankfurt
Sweet Zapata

As our side we shared the “Sweet Zapata”: sweet potato fries with guacamole, tomatoes and sour cream. Sadly the guacamole was again way too salty and the sour cream, more a cream cheese with mediterranean herbs, could have been good, if again was not way too salty. Somehow someone in the kitchen seems to be very generous with the salt shaker. If I were to visit here again, I would recommend the normal fries or sweet potato fries served in small buckets.

Nutella Donut Shake – Do you already follow me on instagram?

But one thing I want to positively recommend: the shakes for dessert! When I visited here last time we had a great Nutella donut shake. Even though it is not a real milkshake made from ice cream but more a cold Nutella milk, the toppings are genius. The freshly fried donut is amazing and the cheesecake shake keeps the promise in its name. If you want to visit What’s beef for desert only (the way I will do in the future), then you are definitely in the right place.


The Overall Impression

I visited What’s Beef now for the third time and every time I was disappointed with my burger. If you like a lot of salt in your food, you might give them a chance. And others are reporting only good things from their other restaurants for example in Düsseldorf, but in Frankfurt something is going wrong in my opinion. The marketing is spectacular, but somewhere along the line someone in Frankfurt lost sight of the burger. Well, that means I will only be back for my sugar dose for desert.


Atmosphere: 3 out of 5 Points

Burger: 2 out of 5 Points

Total: 2,3 out of 5 Points

(Atmosphere + Food x 2) / 3


What’s Beef
Seckbächer Gasse 5, 60311 Frankfurt am Main
(Monday – Friday 11:00 – 23:00 Uhr, Saturday & Sunday 10:00 – 23:00)


[I tested the restaurant without their knowledge and the articel describes my very own impression.]

Have you tried a burger at What’s Beef? How did you like it?

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