Restaurant Bewertung Good Guys Burger Frankfurt
Burger Love self-test

Burger Love: The beasty Bacon – at “Good Guys”, Frankfurt

Once more I tried a new burger place for you and went with friends to Good Guys in the vicinity of the main train station in Frankfurt on the 15th of July 2017. I noticed the place on my last burgerly visit in that area. Since the middle of march you are now served burger here at Good Guys as well.

Restaurant Bewertung Good Guys Burger Frankfurt


The Restaurant

The concept of Good Guys with its blue and red stripes and a hipster touch is consequently followed through. From their own brand of craft beer to the branding on the ketchup bottle to the bike on the wall (of course a “Fixie”, a bike without gear shifts). But still the place seems coherent and not so overburdened like some others in Frankfurt, as only a few hipsteresque details were set. And that is why of course there is the obligatory long table “for everyone” in the middle though they thankfully also added normal, smaller tables along the wall.

On the menu at Good Guys you can find 14 burgers ranging from 6,90€ to 13,90€ (for one with flank steak), which can of course be adjusted to taste. One vegan and two vegetarian options (with grilled cheese or portobello) are also there. Besides those there are a few salad, homemade lemonade (for example mango-basil or lemongrass) and a happy hour from 18:00 – 20:00 o’clock. Here you can either buy 2 beers and get a third for free or pay 3€ less for your gin tonic (that due to very generous gin amounts maybe should be called “a little bit of Tonic with Gin”).

The Burger: The beasty Bacon

The menu promises me: Angus Beef Patty, Old Irish Cheddar, Bourbon Onions, BBQ Sauce, Homemade Beef Bacon, Chipotle, Mayo, Tomato, Lettuce – for 8,40€ – subtitled “Good Guys gone Bad”.

Restaurant Bewertung Good Guys Burger The Beasty bacon Frankfurt
The Beasty Bacon


The Bun:

The brioche-bun is light and airy and yet not too dry. The black sesame seeds provide for a very nice optical change. But in my taste the bun had too much egg in and on it. And though it was toasted well, it soaked through quickly during the meal. As nothing tore or fell apart till the end still – Bun – 4/5


The Meat:

This time a patty which was only seasoned with salt and pepper, just the way I like it. Though according to the menu it was to be served medium well, it looked to me very close to the boarder of done. It could have been a little more pink on the inside. But the relatively thing patty was yet not dry. Though not really juicy either…and here lies the problem: I had the chance to try some really great meat-patties in Frankfurt, and this one here barley reaches the upper-middle field. It just was not the star of the burger. But shouldn’t it be? And that’s why – Meat – 3/5


The Surroundings:

And now we come to the part why I still recommend the Beasty Bacon from Good Guys wholeheartedly – because of everything else on this burger! The homemade beef bacon is wonderfully cross and a delight and theres quite a lot of it. Finally a really good, strong cheddar. The onions in bourbon sweet and tasty. The spicy BBQ sauce a nice contrast. There was plenty of everything and so much, that with every bite the combination was still right. No searching for one more small bacon piece halfway through the burger. Though it might drip a bit more because of that, the overall concept is very convincing. Surroundings – 5/5


The Overall Standing

As the meat is always the most important part of a burger, my rating is calculated out of (Bun + (Meat x 2) + Surroundings) / 4 and this way the Beasty Bacon Burger scores – 3,75 out of 5 Points.

Restaurant Bewertung Good Guys Burger Frankfurt
The side dishes – variety of fries

Since we visited with a couple of friends I was lucky enough to try quite a few side dishes. And they are all recommendable! The chili cheese fries really are something to be shared, just as announced in the menu. Because I think barely anyone can manage the amount of spicy chili and cheese over thick cut fries together with their own burger alone. The sweet potato fries are cross and well salted. If you order them with guacamole (this one also surprisingly tasty) and sour cream the fries – understandably – do tend to get soggy after a while. So better finish them up quickly (what else are you even supposed to do with tasty fries?).

Restaurant Bewertung Good Guys The French Burger Frankfurt
The French Burger

The “French Burger” of my friend A should also make an appearance here. The tasty cheese was especially thick on this one and well rounded off with fig jam. Maybe due to the amount of the jam a tad too sweet, but nevertheless once more a well though of and tastefully interesting combination.

Restaurant Bewertung Good Guys Burger Frankfurt
Oh my Oreo Shake

And finally: we even had dessert this time! To be specific an “Oh my Oreo Shake”. A milkshake with (obviously) Oreos and lots of ice cream instead of only containing milk with ice cubes (Something, I’ve sadly seen before being called “milkshake”). Due to that it had a wonderfully creamy consistency and though I am not quite sure if I would already qualify it as a “Freakshake” it was certainly the perfect ending for a fun burgerly evening with friends at Good Guys.


The Overall Impression

I hope you can tell, I really liked my visit to Good Guys. The service was always friendly and there when we needed them, though not brash. It was pretty quite in the restaurant, but that might also have been due to the holiday in Germany. And so we had a great time. Because somebody thought about what they liked in burgers and which combinations taste well together and tried to bring that vision to life with lots of small details (one vegetarian burger is named “The Bad Hunter” for example).

And by the way, on the website of Good Guys the burgers have a very nice animation, if you still need inspiration for you visit. Or if you feel like saving a bit you could als have a Cheese-, Chicken or Veggieburger with fries and a soft drink as a lunch menu from 11:30 – 15:00 o’clock for 10,90€. But on the big menu there is certainly also a combination for you, if you want to eat a good burger close to the main station in Frankfurt.


Atmosphere: 5 out of 5 Points

Burger: 3,75 out of 5 Points

Total: 4,17 out of 5 Points

(Atmosphere + Food x 2) / 3


Good Guys
Kaiserstraße 56, 60329 Frankfurt am Main
(Daily open from 11:30 – 23:00 Uhr)


[I tested the restaurant without their knowledge and the articel describes my very own impression.]

Have you tasted a burger at Good Guys? How did you like it?

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