Burger Luna Burger Test Foodistini
Burger Love self-test

Burger Love: The Classic Luna Burger – at (obviously) “Luna Burger”

It is time to confess to my Burger Love and write my first burger review! And which place would be better suited for my first review than one of my favorite burger places in Frankfurt? That is why our path led us to Luna Burger on the 6th of February 2017. Since 6 years the restaurant is established near the big shopping street “Zeil” in Frankfurt. I visited it for the first time about 4 years ago and since have been back time and time again.

The Restaurant

The first thing you notice when you step into Luna Burger is the high, light room with its cool ceiling decorations. In the back of the room there is a big bar and through a window you can catch a glimpse in the kitchen. If you walk past the bar and the stairs to the bathrooms in the basement, you can also sit on a small sun terrace in the court. Here, when the temperatures allow it, we have already enjoyed a few burgers in a very quite and relaxed atmosphere.

The menu matches the deco in its pink hue and doubles as places mats on the tables. There are also a few changing specials written on a mirror. Overall you can choose between 9 burgers ranging from 5,50 to 8 €, while 2 are vegetarian options. Because of the many extra toppings and the homemade sauces it is possible to get very creative with designing your own burger. Salads and steaks are also on the menu, as well as many sides and desserts.

Quite a few things are home made, for example the ice tea or lemonade. I tried the lemonade with mint and lime and it was delicious, though for my personal taste almost a tad to sweet (but I am also a fan of the very sour varieties). Some cocktail classics around 8 € are on the menu as well. We have not tried them yet. But as Luna Burger is a spin-off of the renowned and now 21 years old Luna Bar  in Frankfurt, they are probably not bad.

We decided this time to go with a Classic Luna Burger and one of the specials, as well as a portion of sweet potatoes fries to share. The friendly waitress took our orders and asked each of us specifically what the desired degree of doneness for the patty was. Our food was sitting on the table in under 10 minutes, though we visited at 2 pm in the afternoon with very few other guests around.


Foodistini Luna Burger Bar Test Restaurantbewertung Hausgemachte Limonade Minze Limette
Homemade Mint-Lime Lemonade



The Burger: Classic Luna Burger

The menu announces (in German): “Best of Angus Beef, Bacon, Cheddar Cheese, Salad, Tomato, Pickle, red Onion and Luna Steak Sauce”.

The Bun:

On the first look the bun has a very pale body color, but the inside was toasted cross. They decided to go without seeds on the bun, which in my opinion you can do, but the optics suffer a bit. The Bun has a very fluffy, light consistency, but because of that was nearly not able to cope with the juices from the patty. And that was why the lower half got soaked through during the meal and only barely held together till the end. Bun – 4/5

The Meat:

Luna Burger imports their meat from the United States and uses Angus Beef for its burgers. According to their website they ground the beef fresh each day. And you can taste the freshness, though they still seasons the meat in a “German way”. What I mean with “German seasoning”? Well, if the meat tastes more like what we Germans now as “Frikadelle”. If the cook uses besides salt and pepper (and this combo would be an “American Seasoning” to me) also marojam, garlic, parsley, or what else they have lying around. Here you can taste light notes of herbs used, but they are not overwhelming the taste of the meat. On the contrary its taste is very prominent (as it should be) and delicious!

I ordered my burger medium (and the waitress did ask me how I wanted it), but the patty was almost cooked through when it arrived at the table. But only almost. And the meat was still very juicy , so that I can forgive the generous interpretation of medium cooking by the cook. One thing I would have liked though, is a crosser (read: seared hotter) outside of the patty, as I like the developing little crunchy crumbs a lot. Meat – 4/5

The Surroundings:

The surrounding greens consisting out of salad, tomatoe, pickle and red onion were fresh and crisp. It was a lot of everything on the burger, but I don’t mind. They can serve me a burger with a lot of fresh salad (or even go Protein Style) every day. The ceddar looked a bit like processed cheese slices (bäh), but… CHEESE! The many 2 inch long bacon strips were crunchy and scattered genoursly on the burger, so that one could taste them in almost every bite. And all of that in combination with the creamy Luna Steak Sauce makes a very yummy, classic burger combo. Surroundings – 5/5

The Overall Standing

As the meat is always the most important part of a burger, my rating is calculated out of (Bun + (Meat x 2) + Surroundings) / 4 and this way the Classic Luna Burger scores 4,25 out of 5 Points.

Burger Luna Burger Test Foodistini
The Classic Luna Burger

As our side we shared a portion of sweet potato fries. They came to the table fresh and warm, and are more on the skinny side. The outside is crisp and the inside nice and soft, as it should be. When I ate at  Luna Burger 4 years ago for the first time, they were the only place offering them in Frankfurt. And even though you can nowadays find them in almost every burger place, they were and still are great here.

My boyfriend A enjoyed the special “Half and Half” with a patty made out of half Angus Beef and half bacon. Together with avocado, salsa, tomato and red onion this was a fancy combination and resulted in a very delicious overall taste. And because of the bacon in the patty, these were even juicer than the normal ones.

Foodistini Luna Burger Bar Test Restaurantbewertung Special
The Special “Half and Half”


The Overall Impression

If you go to eat a burger at Luna Burger you go to a real restaurant. You don’t order at a counter and look for place amongst others at long tables. There are no cool slogans or superheroes on the walls. Instead you sit in a nicely furnished and moderately decorated room on comfortable chairs and the burger is brought right to your table. The room is not too big and therefore it is not very loud, so that you can have nice conversations over good food and drinks.

But what impresses me most at Luna Burger is the consistent high quaility of their service. And with that I mean the friendly waiter as well as the burgers from the kitchen. Even though there are some minor critic points and Luna Burger does not get my award for the perfect burger place, I always find something that nags me about a burger. But besides all critique from my side, you are always served a realy fresh, juicy burger, that has never disappointed me.

And because of the nice atmosphere and the yummy burgers in consistent high quality, I wholeheartedly can recommend Luna Burger.

Atmosphere: 4 out of 5 Points

Burger: 4,25 out 5 Points

Total: 4,17 out of 5 Points

(Atmosphere + Food x 2) / 3


Luna Burger
Schäfergasse 4660313 Frankfurt am Main
(Closed on Sundays)


[I tested the restaurant without their knowledge and the articel describes my very own impression]

Have you tasted a Burger at Luna Burger? How did you like it?

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