Foodistini Bewertung Burger bei der fette Bulle
Burger Love self-test

Burger Love: Avocado Chilli Burger – at “Der Fette Bulle”, Frankfurt

Hunger and the ever continuing search for the ONE Burger led us to Der Fette Bulle (which translates to: “The Fat Bull”) on the 25th of February 2017. Located near the main station in Frankfurt, I was excited to find out what the restaurant had in store for us on my first visit.


The Restaurant

On the one wall brick, on the other white tiles. Add to that tables in an industrial style with large light wood toppings and on the walls black and white silent movies of Micky Mouse and (which is a certain positive change of style) from Charlie Chaplin. The kitchen and bar are located in a small hut in the back of the room and allow insight in the kitchen hustle. Here some buns wait pre toasted for their patties and on the grill about 20 patties sizzle. Due to the open layout there is a discreet smell of burger in the entire restaurant and you could probably hear the sizzling, if the music and conversations of the other guests weren’t so loud.

Foodistini Bewertung Burger bei der fette Bulle


The menu serves here as a placemat. There are 17 burgers to choose from (9 with beef, 4 with chicken, 3 vegetarian ones and 1 vegan option) that range between 7,49 to 14,99 € for the stake burger. On the one hand there are normal bacon-cheese-burgers or respectively as a double or triple, on the other hand there are also more eccentric variations. So for example the Italia Burger with dried tomato and pesto as the highlight or the burger a La Provence with goat cheese and homemade onion jam. A few simple cocktails for 8 € (even though vodka with red bull or whisky cola does not deserve the tag “cocktail”) , salads and desserts can also be found on the menu.

The homemade lemonade with lemon and orange is wonderfully tart (and exactly to my liking). Once more (as in most burger places) it is served in a mason jar, bur this time they add a pretty paper straw. But sadly with time the straw soaks though and bends in unwanted places. But, it looks pretty.

The service on our table was a bit hectic, he seemed distracted and due to the lack of eye contact it seemed there was no interest on his side for the guests what so ever. Other waiters at the restaurant seemed a lot more cordial and I think our waiter just had a bad day. I chose an Avocado Chilli Burger with fries, which arrived after 15 minutes together with our other orders.

Foodistini Bewertung Burger bei der fette Bulle
Homemade Lemonade


The Burger: Avocado Chilli Burger

The menu annouces under the tag of 100% beef (in German): “fresh Avocado / Parmesan / Tomato / fresh Cucmber / Jalapenos / ham made from Beef / Chilli Mayo Sauce”.


The Bun:

The bun has a very appetizing color and is decorated with sesame. When I see the big air pockets, I fear the impending instability of the bun, as it could soak up a lot of the juice from the meat and the condiments. But the opposite is the case. The bun does not soak through at all. In fact it barely takes on any juices. And because of that it keeps its very gooey taste. I do not like its dry consistency, that somewhat resembles a baguette, and the strong taste of egg. Bun – 2/5


The Meat:

The patty made out of beef is seasoned in a very German way with lots of onion and garlic (the opposite would be “American” seasoning, which would only use salt and pepper). The herbs sadly overpower almost completely the own taste of the meat. Adding to that the patty made out of very lean beef is cooked through (ok, I admit, I forgot to ask to have if prepared medium. But the waiter did also not ask us how we would like it). And because of that the patty is in conclusion too dry. Meat – 3/5

Foodistini Bewertung Burger bei der fette Bulle
The Avocado Chilli Burger


The Surroundings:

The burger looks very chic the way it sits there on its wood board. The Chilli-Mayo-Sauce is slightly sweet due to tomato, but still spicy. The Avocado is perfectly ripe and cut fresh. The ham made out of beef, that they use instead of bacon, is crispy and a nice different taste, from what one is used to. The jalapeños are cut a bit thick and I cannot find the fresh cucumber anywhere, but overall I really like the tasty combination of salty parmesan with fresh, slightly sweet avocado. Surroundings – 5/5


The Overall Standing

As the meat is always the most important part of a burger, my rating is calculated out of (Bun + (Meat x 2) + Surroundings) / 4 and this way the Avocado Chilli Burger scores – 3,25 out of 5 Points.

Foodistini Bewertung Burger bei der fette Bulle
The fresh Fries with Rosmary and Thyme

As my side I chose the fresh fries with thyme and rosemary. These were thick cut with a softer and yet cooked through inside, but a crispy outside. They are seasoned with some salt, paprika and chili, as well as a big spoon full of coarsely chopped fresh herbs. And these herbs in combination with the homemade ketchup form a great taste!


The Overall Impression

Overall the seating at Der Fette Bulle is very narrow and the music and conversations of others very loud. Because of that sitting together comfortably and having nice conversations is made a bit hard. On the menu you can find interesting burger combos and the fries with fresh herbs are a great idea. The food looks great when it is served to you, but I dislike the drieness of the patty and bun. I’m missing the juiciness as I bight in my burger.

But still, here you are served a solid Burger with interesting combinations in a chic furnished restaurant in close proximity to the main train station in Frankfurt. And due to that Der Fette Bulle is predestined for a short layover.


Atmosphere: 3 out of 5 Points

Burger: 3,25 out of 5 Points

Total: 3,17 out of 5 Points 

(Atmosphere + Food x 2) / 3


Der Fette Bulle
Kaiserstraße 7360311 Frankfurt am Main


[I tested the restaurant without their knowledge and the articel describes my very own impression]

Have you tasted a burger at Der Fette Bulle? How did you like it?

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