Foodistini Five Guys Burger Frankfurt
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Burgerlove: – Little Bacon Cheese Burger at “Five Guys”, Frankfurt

On the 7th of November 2018 I had my dinner at one of my favorite burger chains from the US: the new Five Guys at the Hauptwache in Frankfurt, Germany. It only just opened on the 4th of November and I have been looking forward to this burger for months.

Foodistini Five Guys Burger Frankfurt

The Restaurant

The restaurant looks exactly the same as all the ones I have seen so far in the US, the last one while visiting my sister in Bridgeport, Connecticut. The white and red tiles. The big sacks of potatoes and peanuts. The store concept has been transported in every detail to Germany. Only that in Frankfurt, there are about 30 people behind the counter, cooking, shouting, taking your order. And the store is filled to the last spot. Because of that it sadly is very loud and hectic around the high bar chairs and booths. If you would prefer to sit down for a long dinner, then go to one of the many other burger places in Frankfurt. But if you want a quick burger, well we did not even wait 5 minutes for ours, even though the queue was rather long.

Foodistini Five Guys Burger Frankfurt Milchshakes

On the menu you can only find 4 burgers (hamburg, cheeseburger, bacon burger, bacon cheeseburger) in 2 sizes. The normal one with 2 patties and the “little” variation just comes with one. The toppings may be chosen freely and to your own liking from a long list. And besides that you can find milkshakes, fries, vegetarian sandwiches and hotdogs on the menu (an overview here). Oh, and of course the freestyle drink machines (for things like raspberry coke), as well as free peanuts to snack on.

Foodistini Five Guys Burger Frankfurt

The Burger: Little Bacon Cheese Burger

The menu promises me: well, nothing less than a “little bacon cheese burger” – but I also choose a few toppings (mustard, mayo, ketchup, pickles, grilled onions, tomato, salad).

The Bun:

The bun is very sweet and soft. It is somewhat comparable with the classic hamburger buns you can buy in stores in Germany, but better tasting then the store-bought ones. Mine is sadly squished, partially cold, and tastes like it has not been baked through completely. I miss a well toasted bottom. Bun – 2/5

The Meat:

The patty is very cross on the outside and only flavored with salt and pepper (American style, duh). I love the existence of strong roasting flavors, but besides those the well done meat tastes almost of nothing else. And I somewhat remember it to be juicier in the US. Meat – 3/5

The Surroundings:

The surroundings, excluding the cheese, are great! The toppings were fresh and generously supplied. The mustard is a bit spicier then the kind I am used to. The Bacon is broken into many bits and wonderfully cross. Only the cheese… some of it has not yet melted and it overall tastes very artificial. Surroundings – 4/5

The Overall Standing

As the meat is always the most important part of a burger, my rating is calculated out of (Bun + (Meat x 2) + Surroundings) / 4 and this way Five Guys Burger scores – 3 out of 5 points.

Foodistini Five Guys Burger Frankfurt

But if you do happen to stop by: try the cajun style fries! They are cut fresh each day and served partially with skin. They are cooked through in peanut oil, but still relatively soft. And topped off with an amazing mix of spices. Salty, spicy and a hint of paprika.

Foodistini Five Guys Burger Frankfurt

The Overall Impression

The restaurant definitely makes me think of the United States. I like it a lot, that they brought their design and concept of a “no freezer policy” to Germany. The ingredients seem to be very fresh and the burger is always freshly made for you. But you don’t get restaurant style food in my opinion, just fast food in a better quality. The eye wants to feast too, which it can’t if I have to unwrap my burger from its tin foil at my place. Then I get a squished bun on the foil I use as a plate. Well, like I said, I would not recommend the place for a relaxed dinner (like for example Luna Burger or Good Guys, where you get a great burger for 10 € as well). And then add to that, that the burger tastes slightly different then the ones I remember from the US. I think you can tell, they only have been open for a couple of days. I hope they will be able to convince me of their burgers even more, when their team is working a little bit better. I will be back, but considering the price and that I think it still qualifies (as delicious and high quality) fast food just not tomorrow, but maybe only in a couple weeks.


Atmosphere: 2 out of 5 points

Burger: 3 out of 5 points

Total: 2,6 out of 5 points

(Atmosphere + food x 2) / 3


Five Guys
Zeil 127, 60313 Frankfurt am Main
(Sunday – Thurdsay 11:00 am – 11:00 pm; Friday & Saturday 11:00 am – 12:00 pm)


[I tested the restaurant without their knowledge and the articel describes my very own impression.]

Have you tried a burger at Five Guys? How did you like it?

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